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When he wrote his violin concertos The Four Seasons, Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) celebrated life. A philosophy that has inspired the developers of Forza Horizon 4. Around spring, summer, autumn and winter, they release this new opus of the franchise on Xbox One   and PC . A title that proposes to sing together the engines of the most beautiful cars in history on the roads of the United Kingdom. Some 450 cars (from buggies to supercars and off-road) are to be taken in hand across the territory that saw Shakespeare and the Rolling Stones grow. And it’s also in the countryside that muscular outings take place, from the muddy paths of the English Lake District National Park to the chaotic roads of Edinburgh in Scotland. All modeled through a gigantic open world and a rare beauty.

After exploring Australia in Forza Horizon 3 , the British studio Playground Games here declares his love for his country, depicting each plot through the seasons. The engine of the gamere drawing the map and challenges over time. It is thus possible to venture on frozen lakes in winter, while rain will be more frequent in autumn. Thus, the thousands of proposed races evolve and according to the vagaries of the weather clean to revive permanently the interest of the drivers of salon, which never get bored. And if one could blame it for landscapes less diversified than those operated in Australia with Horizon 3, this FH4 has no other ambition than to provide pleasure and it does tremendously well. Far from its Forza Motorsport sister saga reserved for the most demanding fanatics mechanics, this fourth installment again puts on an accessible and nervous gameplay, while offering a welcome subtlety on the piloting. Each type of surface (from the mud to the snow through the

And the choice among the 450 available vehicles promises to satisfy the eyes and ears thanks to faithful modeling and impressive engine sounds, thanks to its well-stocked garage composed of the most beautiful creations of the automobile history. A hundred manufacturers are here, including McLaren, Aston Martin (with a special DLC 007), Ferrari, BMW, Porsche, Audi … Add to that, a multiplayer mode offering more fun between friends and the virtual mileage traveled in this game Gargantuan content can happily exceed tens of thousands of miles. A generosity that commands respect. God save Forza.

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